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Thank you for visiting my website and Welcome in my new adventure: writing a blog. 

This blog was born because of my desire to share and tell about the world of wedding planning and all the related topics. I hope to give you a lot of useful  suggestions and inspirations!  

If you wonder about where was born my company name “Acquamarina”, and the logo I’ve designed, “a heart”, I’ll tell you about that...

My logo and name inspiration was born from a very precious present I received from a dear irish friend of mine: an aquamarine “Claddagh” pendant. 

All over the world aquamarine is a stone very usual in the  engagement rings...

Aquamarine Properties :

Also called blue beryl, aquamarine is the bright vivid color of a tropical ocean. Symbolizing courage and communication, this gemstone reminds you to express your love for one another, be it through words or action, on a daily basis.

Aquamarine stone has a unique ability to soothe and calm others, as well as its holder.

Aquamarine History: 

According to history, it is believed that mermaids treasured aquamarine stones. Sailors consider this stone to give the wearer foresight with courage and happiness. It kept the sailors guarded from any dangers from the sea. So they kept these as charms on their voyages for a long time.

CLADDAGH RING: an Irish symbol of LOVE

The Heart represents Love

The Crown represents Loyalty

The Hands represent Friendship

The versatility of the Claddagh has allowed this design to achieve worldwide fame as a token of love and friendship. The ring is often offered in celebration of romantic love, such as a promise ring, engagement or wedding ring or band. Equally, the ring can be worn as an emblem of an enduring friendship. Many more wear the Claddagh as a memento of a trip to Ireland, or as a beautiful reminder of their Irish heritage.

The first Claddagh ring was made in Galway over 400 years ago in a small village called Claddagh.

One of the main legends of the ring comes from a classic love story although there are several different tales attributed to it.

When I thought about the name of my company, I decided to name it "Acquamarina" to remember my dear irish friend and because I really love this color as well as all the blue shades, also beautiful for an elegant and feminine wedding palette!



Acquamarina Wedding
Acquamarina Wedding
Acquamarina Wedding
Acquamarina Wedding
Acquamarina Wedding
Acquamarina Wedding